Monday, 11 January 2016

Young Scientist 2016

On the 7th of January, the Ty's went to the Young Scientist Exhibition. I loved that we were doing this because I don't like Thursdays and we got to miss it. We went to school as normal but instead of going to class we got on a bus to go. I was sitting with my friend Roisin on the bus and we were talking about seeing our friends who had a project there. When we got there we had to wait in the freezing cold for our bands. Once we got in, we went to see Jade and Shamira's project.

We did loads during the day. There was loads of different project and they were all very interesting. After a while I lost my friends so I just went back to Jade and Shamira and spent ages talking to them. The project beside them had a machine that tested your grip. I got a high score that was over average so I got a sweet :-) After a while my friends came to Jade and Shamira so Jade, Tara and I went to get food at Eddie Rockets. There was a long queue but it moved quickly.

When we had our food we went back to the project while the rest of them went for food. At half two we met the rest of the year and our teachers to go home. Overall it was a really fun day out of school.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Amber Day

Last Friday, we had Amber Day in school. The TY students had been planning for weeks coming up to it so it was exciting to get it done. We all came in in our amber colored clothes ready for the day. My friend Jade had made amber colored bows for our hair. Nearly everyone had baked so we had the library filled with cakes for the cake sale. The TY's were all separated into groups with different jobs. My job was to do the Emoji Board with my friends. We went around with emoji faces and things to stick your head in and Tara took pictures of everyone with the emoji faces. There was so many other things going on, like face painting, the cake sale and more. It was great to let everyone know about positive mental health. Overall it was a great day and hopefully everyone had a good time.

Monday, 30 November 2015

Work Experience

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There is only one week left after 10 of Work Experience. I have been working at my old school. It has been loads of fun because I have been mainly with the Junior and Senior Infants. They are really cute and its so fun helping them. I get off earlier than I would in school is a big upside. I've been having a great time because id love to be a teacher later so this is a good experience for me.

Amber Flag

This week the TY's are organizing a day for Amber Flag. We are doing this in hopes of getting the Amber Flag for our school. The Amber Flag promotes positive mental health.

The TY classes of Merkel and Lagarde are working really hard to make this a great day for everyone to enjoy. Everyone is part of one of the groups for this day. I'm in the PR group. We have to get everyone aware of the day and promote positive mental health. Other groups are the Audit group, the Notice board group, the Web group and the Events group.Hopefully everyone will get involved in this day and become aware of their positive mental health and hopefully we'll get our Amber Flag after all this!